Word Slinger

Word Slinger combines elements of Scrabble with a crossword-style puzzle to form an unforgettable and addictive gaming experience. Try your word wielding hand at two exciting modes: Speed and Strategy. Don’t let the list of words reach the top in Speed mode. Take your time to plan each move in Strategy mode. Take advantage of word and score multiplying power-ups as well as Discard and Hint Accumulators. You’ll find them placed randomly on the game board, so carefully craft your web of words to earn extra points and pass levels with greater ease. Fit for puzzle game and word game lovers alike, Word Slinger will have you hooked! This Word Slinger download game is a combination of crossword puzzle games and Scrabble board game layout. With the words already formed, it’s up to you to place the letter tiles just like you would in Scrabble or Crosswords onto the board in the best location possible. The challenge is to get the highest word score and make the best use of the board layout. And by placing the words so, if you can make new words you can get an even better word score.
Graphics: SVGA Graphics Card
Min Speed: 0.5 GHz
Platform: PC

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